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Arbutus Digital Stories

During the spring semester of 2010 and again in 2011, students in MLL 495/695 Intercultural Video Production worked with residents of Arbutus and surrounding communities on a collaborative video project. In “Arbutus Stories” residents reflect on their life-long association with the community through digital stories.  Each resident teamed with a student to create short movies combining photos and other imagery with recollections of people and places.

The project was conceived as a celebration of the opening of the new Arbutus Public Library in September, 2010.  The videos are on display on kiosks throughout the new space.

You can read more about the project in the Arbutus Patch and the Arbutus Times.


Spring 2011  
Getting from Here to There Gloria Ries, Tom Conner & James Peak
Arbutus Library Gail Ross, Abby Fanara and Lei Lou
The Fair of the Iron Horse John Roth, Josh Cochran & Keith Blomberg
Library Rat Aldemore Turgeon,Cara Marie & Muhammed Ashraf
Arbutus Library James Klein, Brandon Callahan & Christine Sadowski
Arbutus Branch Library: Then and Now Jennie Gill, Madeline Smith & Amanda Winters
Spring 2010  
The Thomas Viaduct Ray Chism, Betsy McMillion & Tere Garcia
The Relay Community Kim Box, Hannah Dier & Stavros Halkias
The Arbutus Vine Vivian Pope & Martin Onuegbu
The Day a Nation Wept Harry Robertson & Vince Moore
Cowdensville AME Church Dorothy Briscoe, Genelle Quarles & Kelly-Lynne Russell
Hands Across America Ruth Slemp & Muhammad Ashraf
The Relay Town Hall Kim Box & Hannah Dier
38 and a Half Years Janice & Frank Baird, Serita Young
The Dinosaur Hunter Rick Smith & Chris Ferrera
About the "Arbutus Stories" Project Meri Solas