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The Charlestown Digital Story Project teams UMBC students with residents of Charlestown Retirement Community to create digital stories. Drawn from the life experiences of the residents, the stories combine narration, animation, photos and music in short movies to be shared with others. Residents work closely with student partners, acting as author and creative director of their individual story. Each student brings their own style and talents to the project, helping to create some unique examples of intergenerational storytelling.

Over fifty stories have been produced to date. In 2007, the project was recognized with a Bronze Telly Award.

The project is organized by the New Media Studio with funding from Retirement Living TV.

View a short feature on the project.


Candles for the Wake Jessie Poole and Joanna Lit
Christmas in England Mary Hein and Andrew Chang
Crystal 3 Jim Poole and Bill Shewbridge
Families are Forever Barbara Walker and Jorge Rios
Ivan and Goo Goo Barbara Kurz and Andrea Olivier
Little Dog Miles Jerri Mullinex, Andrea Olivier and Cathryna Brown
Magic Dust Charlotte Valentine and Andrew Chang
My Father's Letter Tommy Koch and Samantha Duvall
Nun for a Day Marie Brinsfield and An Nguyen-Gia
Rude Polite Barbara Kurz and Cathryna Brown
You're Never Too Old Mary Zotian and Paul Iwancio
A Traveler at Heart Barbara Walker and An Nguyen-Gia
Mary's Waltz Jean Singleton and Jorge Rios
My Two Grandsons Mary Hein and Paul Iwancio
Barn Story Joan McMann and Cathryna Brown
The Music Box Marie Brinsfield and Samantha Duvall
Call Me Patsy Tommy Koch and Andrea Olivier
Arctic Memories Jim Poole and Joshua Glassman
It's All Because of Aunt Lucy Tommy Koch and Joanna Lit
The Chocolate Bunny Jeri Mullinex and Joshua Glassman
All My Life's A Circle Jean Singleton and Paul Iwancio
Felix and the Cardboard Christmas Tree Joyce Bathgate and Cathryna Brown
Halloween Past Betty Hession and Jorge Rios
The Lone Survivors Jessie Poole and Samantha Duvall
Missing in Action Jessie Poole and Cathryna Brown
The Dining Room Table Barbara Kurz and Andrew Chang
Tinsmith or Tailor? Gloria Mariani and Elana Consoli
The War Effort and I Mary Zotian and An Nguyen-Gia
The Willow Tree Regina Service and Elana Consoli
A Year to Remember Marian Tongier and Samantha Duvall
My Dotage Charlotte Valentine and Jorge Rios
SPRING, 2011  
My Life as a Boy Scout Barbara Walker and Thomas Conner
Caterpillar Corral Marie Brinsfield and Abigail Farrara
The Old Farm House Jeri Mullinix and Josh Cochran
In My Heart I Will Always be a Dancer Ebbe Saleski and Madeline Smith
An Unexpected Slap Lloyd Stewart and Keith Blomberg
Girls of the Limberlost Miriam Tongier and Brandon Callahan
The Little Girl Who Grew Up at Charlestown Charlotte Valentine and Amanda Winters
FALL, 2011  
The Package of Seeds Marie Brinsfield and Desiree Sterling
Little Furry Hearts Dawn Strumsky, Alissa Adams and Peter Graham
When Duty Called John Strumsky and Michael Kantz
My Geography Lesson John Strumsky and Kevin Ke
Better to Have Tried While You're Still Alive Gene Langbehn and Nitzen Frock
How a Decision is Made Suzanne Levitt, Jamie Rusk and Allie O'Malley
A Unique Club Jeri Mullinex, Benjamin Everhart and Matthew Schneider
Based on a True Story Phil Mumford, Toby Clevinger and Jasmine Smith
Center of the World Marion Tongier, Holly Schneider and Jasmine Malhotra
Life is a Series of Transitions E.J. Urbas and Kevin Pugh
It Takes a Crisis Charlotte Valntine and Daniel Rodriguez
Comfort in Change Barbara Walker and Desiree Sterling
Freedom Rocks Peggy Wixted, Ryan DeVore and Nathaniel Grube
Hurricane Rescue Glenn Young, Jason Albersheim and Derick Fung
FALL, 2012  
The Story of Sy Bakker Sy Bakker, Kerri Howden, Anna Kubicek and Zachary Ashburn
Hooray for Wheels Marian Tongier, Victoria Yun and Amanda Tracy
How I Met My Spouse Joyce Bathgate and Jenny Zheng
Learn Love Live Elaine Singer, Nicole Balogun and MaryAnn Becker
My Life with Willy Wonka Charlotte Valentine, Amanda Bungato, Amreen Chadha and LuHua Hung
Bob the Sailor Bob Socher, Sunand Krishnan and Xiuwei Lin
Age is Only a Number Betty Brown, Glenn Young,Olivia Conn, Emma Hage Guyot and Nicole Lentz