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February 19, 2015

September 25-27, 2015 Sixth International Digital Storytelling Conference, Smith College

Voices of Change
Storywork in Activism, Education,
and Public Service

Sixth International Digital Storytelling Conference - September 25-27, 2015
Principal Venue - Smith College, Northhampton, MA
(along with associated Five College Consortium Campus venues)

Announcing The 6th International Digital Storytelling Conference
Call For Papers and Presentation Proposals

We invite you to join us in Massachusetts this fall for an amazing gathering of digital storytelling professionals, academics, youth and activists. The conference is hosted by Smith College and the Five Campus Consortium (Smith College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Amherst College). This will be the first time the International Conference will be held in the Western Hemisphere, and we are thrilled to have an opportunity to bring the international community to the United States.

As we have watched the events of the Fall of 2014 in the United States unfold regarding issues of race and social justice, we wanted the conference to reflect the current events by focussing on a principal theme of Youth and Activism. Our goal is to hold a one day youth summit in conjunction with the 2.5 day academic and practitioner conference. The hope is that a portion of the Youth Summit will be integrated into one event. In addition, we will be inviting an exploration of any number of additional themes including the use of Digital Storytelling in public health, curriculum, intercultural and international education, service learning, sustainability and the environment, heritage and memory, participation and social inclusion, as well as new and innovative forms of participatory media.

The conference will host various events in its structure for inclusion of diverse perspectives and voices. While there will be a formal process of juried paper presentation sessions for academics, we will also provide space for practitioners from community settings to present. We will work to have exhibition opportunities for individual digital stories, as well as a number of ancillary workshops, special events, and exhibitions to be held in the period surrounding the conference.

Call for Papers/Presentation and Panel Proposals

The conference invites proposals for academic papers that discuss digital storytelling and its theoretical, social, and cultural contexts. We also invite proposals from digital storytelling practitioners interested in reflecting on their work in community-based participatory media. All presenters are encouraged to show examples of digital stories within their allocated 15 to 20-minutes presentations.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: March 31, 2015

Conference Registration and Program
Conference Registration will open March 11 with an updated program.

For information: visit Contact Page or email

Conference co-sponsors include:
The Center for Digital Storytelling
Creative Narrations (with support from MassImpact)
Patient Voices

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July 4, 2014

Digital stories in a language classroom: Engaging students through meaningful multimodal projects

Here is a great article by Polina Vinogradova, based largely on digital story work at UMBC. Digital stories in a language classroom: Engaging students through meaningful multimodal projects, Ana Oskoz and Heather Linville also contributed to the article.

February 12, 2014

MCS 355 Students Explore Net Neutrality Using iPad Storytelling

Students in Donald Snyder's MCS 355: Social Media: Networking and Mobility class produced these iPad stories exploring Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality
Group 8

September 16, 2013

Digital Stories from the Shriver Center's Peaceworker Program


Students in the Shriver Center's Peaceworker Program's Summer Pro Seminar created these stories reflecting on their service and experiences abroad.



Shannon Pierre Jerome
I Knew I Was in the Peace Corp When...
Mollie Willis
Joel Baker
Jaclin Paul
I Knew...


Brooks Binau
I Knew I Was in the Peace Corp When...
Greg Couturier
I Knew I Was in the Peace Corp When...
Jennifer Mayo
RPCV Honduras 2007-2009
Kellie Bland
Water Disaster
Mark Zachar
My First Day at School
Merrie Winfrey
One of Us
Molly LeMoine
I Knew I Was in the Peace Corp When...


Shantonu Kundu
Ross Dionne
Life's Little Blessings
Laura Bruner
Growing Upside Down
Jared Kebbell
Blood on the Coral
Emily Sherman
Rain on my Peace Corp Parade
Alyse Altenburg
The Sweet Life


Whitney Swander
The Turning of the BONES
Tara Gill
Michael Wissner
I Knew I was in Peace Corp When...
Margaret Howell
Kayla Keelan
Tico Directions
Joey Brown
Charlotte Keniston
Spit on a Stranger


Joby Taylor
Journey to the Shriver Peaceworker Program
Emily Nelson
Oscar Sinclair
Tim Hartman
The Arrival
Kristyn Oldendorf
A Family Fiesta in Honduras
Renee Johnson
Integration Check Point
Michael Auerbach
Peace Corps in Mauritania


Joby Taylor
Digging for Peace
Lindsay Walberg
What's in a Name?
Dustin Hogenson
Dusty's Digital Storyline
Meghann Shutt
Catching a Cow
Jennifer Robinson
Black Water
Robert Dietzen
Moving Day
Katie Long
Sarah Hill
Second Chance
Joby Taylor
Mystery With a Capital "M"

July 23, 2013

Stories from the Shriver Center's Brazil Leadership Camp

From July 2-11, 2013, 12 young people from Brazil attended a leadership camp through The Shriver Center at UMBC. The students are all participants in the English Access Microscholarship Program, which provides English-Language skills to talented young people from economically disadvantaged areas. During their time at UMBC, the students participated in service-learning projects, spent a weekend with American families, toured Baltimore and DC, and created digital stories.

Carlos Vitor
Vinicius Victoria
Cintia Luma
Lucas Leticia
Jessica Jean


May 31, 2013

Mill Stories: Sparrows Point Steelworkers and Community Speak

Mill Stories is a collaborative project bringing together UMBC students to help preserve stories from the Sparrows Point community. As the project develops, we hope that this website will present a form of database documentary, in which users can access interviews, videos photos and other cultural materials gathered from the community.

Two classes participated during the Spring 2013 semester. Students in AMST 358 Cultural Documentation in Partnership with Communities were introduced to the ideas, techniques and ethical considerations that underpin qualitative research, particularly from a community-based, out-in-the-field perspective. The course focuses on cultural research and documentation within the communities that have been shaped for over a century by the Sparrows Point Steel Mill. Students have also been introduced to broader notions of community cohesion, senses of place and belonging, as well as the realities of post-industrial economic and social transition.


Students in MLL 495/695 Intercultural Video Production focused on creating short digital stories based on community interviews. The class takes a collaborative approach, allowing participants to tell their stories in their own words.

Visit the Project Website:

Read about the project in the Baltimore Sun and the Dundalk Eagle.

March 29, 2013

Stories from Linehan Art Scholars

With the goal of building a greater sense of community in the Linehan Artist Scholars Program, students in the Linehan Freshman Seminar class participated in a Digital Story Workshop over a four week period. Their stories reflect the broad concerns of young talented artists as they begin their university careers in the arts. The stories speak of family, creative passions, and the search for identity in a complicated and fractured world.


Spring, 20113  
Thomas Haden Raymond Robinson
Fan Zhang Ryan Bailey
Sam Winnie Emily Hinz
Ally Kocerhan Ian Russey
Carmella Pombuena Marina Nicholas
Savannah Myers Ross Vincent
Rachel Lum Stephanie Castner
Erin Patterson Grace Davenport
Nikki Simke Jared Higgins
Alexandra Reeves  
Spring, 2012  
Hannah Korangkool Patrick Jenkins
Conrad Sullivan Brian Simon
Melissa Crowhurst Molissa Udevitz
Courtney Tyler Emily Ferguson
Rachel Knoblauch Don Greger
Jennifer Williamson Diana Chou
Erika Koscho Elizabeth Kim
Rebecca Watson Symone Williams
Jeff Miller Zsade Fleming
Cecilia Grady Nancy Rackett
Maggie Dier Martha Robichaud
Paul Tschirgi  
Spring, 2011  
Mary Hester Hilary de Vas
Eric Kuhn Marissa Regelin
Francesca Cerquetti
Katherine Morris Leon June
Jordan Forbes Kathryn Bishop
  Diane Schramke
Spring, 2010  
Hua Shu Eva Marie Thorp
Sarah Nicely Kimberly Haines
Connie Chang James Horner
Lorenzo Lalimarmo Stephen O'Connor
Samantha Warren Christopher Dews
Sarah Yendrey Kate Broadhurst
Wyatt Juster Josh Holober-Ward
Danielle Baer Elizabeth Milligan
Amanda Brandenburg  


January 29, 2013

Public History Stories from HIST 711

Students in Denise Meringolo's Fall, 2012 class used digital story techniques to create a series highlighting the West Baltimore community. The project was part of an ongoing collaboration with Baltimore Heritage

You can view the stories here.

Stories from Spanish 101 - Winter 2013

Students in SPAN 101, an elementary Spanish language class used digital storytelling to improve their language skills. The assignment was composed of two parts.

1. In a wiki, students (individually) write a letter to Juana, a student who has a fantastic apartment in which they want to live. In this letter, students explain to Juana (in Spanish) who they are, what they like to do and their daily routine.

2. For the digital story, students team up in groups of three to create a digital story. For the digital story, the students (a) use the content that they developed individually in the wiki, (b) combine their content with their teammates' content to make a coherent story.

You can view the stories from the class here.

January 28, 2013

New Webinar and book from the Center for Digital Storytelling

Here are two updates from the Center for Digital Storytelling of interest to the UMBC community. First, there is an upcoming Webinar series, Seven Stages: Story and the Human Experience. Details are available here.

Also, the fourth edition of Joe Lambert's Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community is now available . You will find our work at UMBC highlighted in a new chapter on digital storytelling in higher education.