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UMBC Faculty Explore Digital Storytelling in Summer Workshop 2007

workshopThis summer, nine UMBC faculty members participated in a three-day digital storytelling workshop at UMBC. For the second time in two years, OIT and the New Media Studio brought experts from the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkely to campus, giving faculty members an opportunity to learn the basics of creating digital stories while exploring possibilities for integrating new media into their teaching.


workshopJoe Lambert and Stephany Sesse led the group through the writing and production process as each participant created a digital movie relating a short personal story. Faculty members included: Beverly Bickel, ELC; Steve Bradley, Visual Arts; Jason Loviglio, Media & Communication Studies; Nicole King, American Studies; Doug Hamby, Dance; Pat Scully, Education; Jody Shipka, English; Joan Shin, LLC; and Joby Taylor, Shriver Center. The workshop was conducted in the International Media Center with assistance from New Media's Bill Shewbridge. Several of the stories produced in the workshop can be viewed here:

Steve Bradley Rubbernecking
Jason Loviglio The Fire
Joby Taylor This I Believe: Mystery with a Capital "M"
Jody Shipka Gonna Make You Sweat: Composing a History of 'this' Space (Windows Media)
Nicole King Going Down South
Pat Scully Our Family is Born!
Doug Hamby My Big Sister Dianne


For more information visit Digital Storytelling @ UMBC.