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Summer Digital Story Workshop for Faculty 2009


On May 25, 26 and 27, UMBC's New Media Studio conducted a three-day introductory level digital story workshop for faculty. In addition to producing a digital story of their own, those attending the workshop gained insight into digital storytelling as a pedagogical and research tool.

The workshop was facilitated by a team of faculty, staff and graduate assistants who have over the last few years have worked extensively with digital stories in a number of ways. These included Bev Bickel, Jason Loviglio, Steve Bradley, Paul Iwancio, Bill Shewbridge, Polina Vinogradova and Satarupa Joardar.

One of the highlights of the workshop was a session on audio conducted by Steve Bradley of Visual Arts. Steve covered recording techniques and sound effects with a hands-on demonstration of creative techniques for building soundtracks.

The Stories

The Last Dog Bob Sloane
My Dearest Alexandra Taryn Bayles
The Best Laid Plans Susan Mundy
Lost and Found  Shuhua Bloom
See-It-There Olga Kritskaya
Trashy Art Sandra Abbott
My Movie Theater Nicoleta Bazgan
13,500  Feet Bob Reeves
Hair Matters Kimberly Moffitt
Everyone Should Be So Lucky Jim Milani
Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from the Obama Inauguration Christine Mallinson
Those Shoes Constantine Vaporis
Diss-Eeese Barry Casey