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Digital Stories from MLL 605 The Field of Intercultural Communication

In this core course for the MA program for Intercultural Communication in the Fall 2009 semester, the students worked with undergraduate students in Visual Arts 395 to develop stories about an intercultural incident or encounter that was a crucial factor in motivating them to study intercultural communication. Accompanying a final paper, in which this incident was the framework for an analysis of intercultural competency, sensitivity, and awareness, the stories tell of very personal encounters of US students either in the US or abroad, or international students in the US. They relate some of the painful and embarrassing, but also enjoyable and stimulating difficulties they have had adjusting and adapting to cultures that were other than their own.

  MLL 605 ART 395
Language, Culture & Life Sherri McCusker Justin Kennedy
The Human Redbox Peter Gallagher Nadia Muha
Red Style Nathan Ferrell Sarah Khaki
"Contrast" Marta Ortiz de Rozas  
The Beauty of Life Maha Aldhahi Mike Parks
My UNNC Memory Lei Lou Seung Hwan Lee
Intercultural Competance: Am I There Yet? LaRita Hagar Michelle Salazar
Never Assume: Lessons from a Gringa Kate Meyer Shane Logue
Culture Shock Trip David Morales Daniel Supanick
Why Doesn't That Cathedral Interest Me? Duncan Cohen Corey Fitzpatrick
The Clock in Ticking Sean Carmody Zach Seidel
I Want to Get Out of Hair Andrea Vespoint Josh Cochran
My Story Ai Wang Drew Harcharik
moving Meri Collazos Sola Caroline Gergely