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Digital Story Projects from ELCA 504 Cross-cultural Communication

During the Fall 2009 semester, students in ELC-A 504/054 (taught by Polina Vinogradova) produced digital ethnographies using main principles and techniques of digital storytelling. The students worked in groups and explored cultural communities of their choice. Focusing on either a particular aspect of culture or a theme within a cultural community the students developed and conducted interviews, analyzed the information they collected, and produced digital stories based on the interview answers and their understanding of the subject. The goal of this project was not only to introduce the students to a multimodal form of self-expression, but also for the students to explore different perceptions of culture outside of class and experience cross-cultural communication while working on digital stories with their classmates.

Inside a Heart

Our Celebrations

Rainbow Flavor

In ELC-B 504/054 (taught by Tsisana Palmer), the students produced individual digital stories about important aspects and events in their lives while exploring different meanings of culture and cross-cultural communication.


Mysterious City


Greatest Man

I Love You