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Final Projects from MCS 101L Multimedia Literacy Lab

MCS101L, Multimedia Literacy Lab, is a one-credit course offered for the
first time at UMBC in the Spring of 2010. Students were given 6 story
prompts to choose from for their final digital story projects.

Kwame Agyeman 

Ally Bucca 

Waquesha Canty  

Sophie Cazarez 

Liz Chong  

Juliana Colon 

Richard Conlan 

Josie Ingate       

Robyn Jackson

Cassy Lark 

Paul Lee   

Jennifer Ligsay 

Kaitlyn Mcnaney 

Candice Myers 

Redona Omeri  

Jason Powell  

Camal Pugh 

Genelle Quarles

Evan Roseberry 

Brittany Rollins

Maria Satyshur 

Bridget Scanlon 

Amanda Winters       

Urooj Zulfiqar