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Digital Stories from HONORS 300-4/HIST355-2 "Constructing the Samurai"

In "Constructing the Samurai" students used digital story techniques to explore aspects of samurai culture through visual assignments. The honors class was taught by Professor Constantine Vaporis during the Fall 2009 and 2010 semesters. Here are the results:

Fall, 2010
Oishi and the Loyal Retainers (Tina Zou)
The Adventures of Samurai Asakura Yoshimoto (Sara Ross, Cynthia Dang)
Samurai Final Open Shot (Sean Palmateer, Julian Brezon)
"Armor of the Samurai" (Brandon Callahan and Adam Robinson)
Martial Arts During the Tokugawa Era (David Eastman, Glen Langan)
"Forging the Samurai" (Steven Cornthwaite, Max Petulante)
"Zen Buddhism and the Samurai" (Caitlin Smith)
"Seppuku: Death Before Dishonor" (Nathaniel Castill Jr.)
"Seppuku in 20th Century Japan" (Sarah Stark)
"Tokugawa's Melting Pot" (Dwumah Frimpong)

Fall 2009
Women's Role in Samurai Films - Samantha Larsen

Samurai Honor - Rebecca Walter
Recipe for a Samurai - Becca Reeves
Marriage and Gender Among Samurai in Tokugawa Japan - James Chrismer, Momoka Watanabe, Kazutomo Terada
Chushingura in Transition - Matthew Murphy
The Social Relationships of the Samurai - Sammantha Chin and Lara English

HIST 355 Final Project - Daniel Graham
Armor of the Samurai - Rachel and Angela
Bushido: The Way of the Warrior - David Baldwin
Progression of the Samurai
Fallen Cherry Blossoms- Kamikaze Pilots - Harsh Bambawale
Samurai in Games


ELC 054 Cross-Cultural Communication 2009


The Project

The English Language Center works with digital stories within the course “Cross-Cultural Communication and University Life” (ELC 054), an advanced English as a Second Language course. The 3-credit course is taught by Heather Linville and Tsisana Maysuradze in the spring and by Polina Vinogradova in the summer and fall.

The goal of this class is to help students recognize and analyze a number of cultural concepts as they are seen in a variety of new media genres. For example, in class, the students talk and read about the Iceberg Theory, individualistic and collectivistic cultures, cultures that use high and low context communication styles, identity, culture shock, and aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication.  At the same time, the students watch motion pictures, documentary films, online advertisements, and digital stories applying the cultural concepts they had learned about. The students also participate in discussions, both face-to-face and on-line, in which they apply what they have learned to an analysis of their own culture and the culture they have experienced in U.S. campus life.

The final project of the class is a production of individual digital stories.  The process of working on the stories throughout the semester includes choosing the topics, writing the narratives, collecting photographic images, and choosing the music to accompany their verbal narration. The students also discuss their stories in class, peer-review their narratives, and complete online journal entries which allow them to reflect on their progress and express their doubts and concerns to their instructor. The students also intensively work in the computer lab putting their stories together under their instructors’ guidance. Several digital stories that were produced in these classes can be viewed here.     

The Stories


Fall 2010

Voices of Silence
Study Abroad
Delicious Culture
Aid Feter


Spring 2009

Tsisana Maysuradze's class (054_8011:
Giovanna Melillo
Shinaporn Leksrisakul
Ibrahim Toure
Chakaphan Pornsatit
Thuy Van Thi Nguyen
Jin Kyoung Kim
Ga Eun Lee
Suk Min Yoon
Ibon Ruiz Escribano
Ga Eul Lee
Chanmi Song
Hang  thi Nguyet Nguyen
Chih-hua Lee
Dilma Monteiro
Tuyen Duc Pho

Heather Linville's class (054_8010):
Ovgu Guner
Hella Almansour
Ae Kyung Kim
Huong Vu Mai Huynh
Hawoong Shin
Maha Aldhahi
Byungchang Kim


Fall 2008

Ahmad Alkaabi
Bibo Zhang
Duong Bach Nguyen
Eunji Lee
Eunjoo Jung
Fadi Maiga
Goun Rhee
Kevin Wespi
Mengyue He
Na Young Kim
Saphassorn “June” Santijitrungruang

Summer 2008

Spring 2008