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January 2011 Archives

Projects from MCS101L Multimedia Literacy Lab - Fall, 2010

MCS101L, Multimedia Literacy Lab, is a one-credit course offered in two sections. The class is taken in conjunction with MCS333 . Students were given 6 story prompts to choose from for their final digital story projects.

Sade Brown: Photography

Alexander Smith: The Ravens / Steelers rivalry

Allan Carey: Night Photography

Max Tucker: Trip to Utah

Victoria Milewski: Race

Donald Hankerson: UMBC Cribs Mockumentary

Brendan Lipton: Bee Keeping

Julianne Baskerville: Her family from the point of view of their couch

Justin Eisenstadt: His love for vintage vinyl records

Alyson Becker: Serendipity

Nakita Smith: Orchids

Marlie Somers: Her ultimate frisbee team

Abel Mengistu: Ethiopian New Year

Stories from 2011 Faculty Workshop

On January 19,20 and 21, the New Media Studio held their sixth annual digital storytelling worshop for faculty.

Here are the stories produced over the three days:

Barbara Bourne The Gift
Sue Small In Honor of the Geranium
Sine Hwang Jensen Curio of Treasures
Jill Randles The Secret