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MLL 495/695 create Charlestown and Arbutus Stories

Charlestown Stories 2011 photoset

During the spring 2011 semester, students in MLL 495/695 Intercultural Video productions completed two community-base digital story projects. The first brought the class to the Arbutus branch of the Baltimore County Public Library to help tell the stories of the librarians and others in the community. This was the second year for the project.

Next the class went to the Charlestown retirement community for aa new round of Charlestown stories. This was a continuation of an award-winning project that began in 2006.

The semester culminated in a showing of all stories hosted by the Arbutus Library.

Charlestown Stories  
My Life as a Boy Scout Barbara Walker and Thomas Conner
Caterpillar Corral Marie Brinsfield and Abigail Farrara
The Old Farm House Jeri Mullinix and Josh Cochran
In My Heart I Will Always be a Dancer Ebbe Saleski and Madeline Smith
An Unexpected Slap Lloyd Stewart and Keith Blomberg
Girls of the Limberlost Miriam Tongier and Brandon Callahan
The Little Girl Who Grew Up at Charlestown Charlotte Valentine and Amanda Winters


Arbutus Library Stories

Getting from Here to There Gloria Ries, Tom Conner & James Peak
Arbutus Library Gail Ross, Abby Fanara and Lei Lou
The Fair of the Iron Horse John Roth, Josh Cochran & Keith Blomberg
Library Rat Aldemore Turgeon,Cara Marie & Muhammed Ashraf
Arbutus Library James Klein, Brandon Callahan & Christine Sadowski
Arbutus Branch Library: Then and Now Jennie Gill, Madeline Smith & Amanda Winters

Arbutus Library Project photoset