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March 2012 Archives

Stories from Linehan Art Scholars

With the goal of building a greater sense of community in the Linehan Artist Scholars Program, students in the Linehan Freshman Seminar class participated in a Digital Story Workshop over a four week period. Their stories reflect the broad concerns of young talented artists as they begin their university careers in the arts. The stories speak of family, creative passions, and the search for identity in a complicated and fractured world.


Spring, 2012  
Hannah Korangkool Patrick Jenkins
Conrad Sullivan Brian Simon
Melissa Crowhurst Molissa Udevitz
Courtney Tyler Emily Ferguson
Rachel Knoblauch Don Greger
Jennifer Williamson Diana Chou
Erika Koscho Elizabeth Kim
Rebecca Watson Symone Williams
Jeff Miller Zsade Fleming
Cecilia Grady Nancy Rackett
Maggie Dier Martha Robichaud
Paul Tschirgi  
Spring, 2011  
Mary Hester Hilary de Vas
Eric Kuhn Marissa Regelin
Zoe Gensheimer Francesca Cerquetti
Katherine Morris Leon June
Jordan Forbes Kathryn Bishop
  Diane Schramke
Spring, 2010  
Hua Shu Eva Marie Thorp
Sarah Nicely Kimberly Haines
Connie Chang James Horner
Lorenzo Lalimarmo Stephen O'Connor
Samantha Warren Christopher Dews
Sarah Yendrey Kate Broadhurst
Wyatt Juster Josh Holober-Ward
Danielle Baer Elizabeth Milligan
Amanda Brandenburg