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January 2013 Archives

Stories from the 2013 Faculty Digital Story Workshop

Once again, in January, 2013, the New Media Studio offered its annual digital storytelling workshop for faculty. As in past years, the workshop gave participants an opportunity to explore digital media production while creating a personal narrative, integrating voice-over with images and sound.

Here are some examples of the stories produced.

Icebox Cookies Jane Short
Vessels of Meaning Denise Meringolo
Getting Lost Kate Drabinski
Ode to Tracy Sandra Abbott
How it All Winds Up Lynn Tomlinson
Scientific Social Network Shu Qian

CDS Webinar Series "Seven Stages to Explore Story, Creativity "

How do the stories of your life illuminate your journey and spark your creative voice?

As part of StoryLab's continued effort to develop innovative approaches to story development and story sharing, the Center for Digital Storytelling is offering a Webinar Series, giving you the opportunity to take part in powerful storywork right where you are through a series of online lecture and working sessions in creativity and creative writing. The series is led by CDS's Founder, Joe Lambert, as part of the development of his upcoming book to be released in the fall.

The series is aimed at professionals working with storytelling in media arts, arts education, and community arts, as well as expressive arts and other therapeutic approaches to art-making. But anyone can gain from the experience.

The series will begin in mid-March with eight bi-weekly sessions (monthly in the summer). To learn more about the new series, visit the Seven Stages Webinar Series page on the CDS website.

New Webinar and book from the Center for Digital Storytelling

Here are two updates from the Center for Digital Storytelling of interest to the UMBC community. First, there is an upcoming Webinar series, Seven Stages: Story and the Human Experience. Details are available here.

Also, the fourth edition of Joe Lambert's Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community is now available . You will find our work at UMBC highlighted in a new chapter on digital storytelling in higher education.

Stories from Spanish 101 - Winter 2013

Students in SPAN 101, an elementary Spanish language class used digital storytelling to improve their language skills. The assignment was composed of two parts.

1. In a wiki, students (individually) write a letter to Juana, a student who has a fantastic apartment in which they want to live. In this letter, students explain to Juana (in Spanish) who they are, what they like to do and their daily routine.

2. For the digital story, students team up in groups of three to create a digital story. For the digital story, the students (a) use the content that they developed individually in the wiki, (b) combine their content with their teammates' content to make a coherent story.

You can view the stories from the class here.

Public History Stories from HIST 711

Students in Denise Meringolo's Fall, 2012 class used digital story techniques to create a series highlighting the West Baltimore community. The project was part of an ongoing collaboration with Baltimore Heritage

You can view the stories here.