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UMBC Celebrates "International Day for Sharing Life Stories"

idsOn Friday, May 16 UMBC participated in the International Day for Sharing Life Stories, a day celebrated around the world through the sharing of stories in gatherings and virtual environments. UMBC students from classes in Media and Communications, the New Media Studio, Modern Languages & Linguistics and the English Language Center presented digital stories they produced this semester. This gathering is was held at Flat Tuesdays (Commons).

Stories from MLL, ELC and MCS students as well as stories from CCBC's Katrina writing project were shown. RL-TV and the New Media Studio's "Charlestown Digital Stories" project were also highlighted.

idsThis event was sponsored by the Media and Communications Council of Majors, the English Language Center and the New Media Studio. For more information on the International Day for Sharing Life Stories visit:

Some of the stories presented are available for viewing at .

Stories from the 2013 Faculty Digital Story Workshop

Once again, in January, 2013, the New Media Studio offered its annual digital storytelling workshop for faculty. As in past years, the workshop gave participants an opportunity to explore digital media production while creating a personal narrative, integrating voice-over with images and sound.

Here are some examples of the stories produced.

Icebox Cookies Jane Short
Vessels of Meaning Denise Meringolo
Getting Lost Kate Drabinski
Ode to Tracy Sandra Abbott
How it All Winds Up Lynn Tomlinson
Scientific Social Network Shu Qian