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Stories from UMBC Faculty Workshops

For over ten years the New Media Studio has offered faculty workshops in digital storytelling. Initially these were facilitated by the Center for Digital Storytelling (now .) In 2008 ten participants in a "Train the Trainers" experience received intensive training in the creative and technical aspects of teaching digital storytelling in a variety of contexts. Ten additional participants had an opportunity to create stories during a two-day mini workshop aided by their own "personal trainer."

Since 2009 the workshop has continued as a peer-to-peer experience with previous participants returning to work with colleagues in building a vibrant community of practice. Here are some examples of the stories produced through the workshop:

This video highlights the 2008 "Train the Trainers" Workshop.




Rubbernecking Steve Bradley
The Fire Jason Loviglio
This I Believe: Mystery with a Capital "M" Joby Taylor
Going Down South Nicole King
Our Family is Born! Pat Scully
My Big Sister Dianne Doug Hamby
Typecast John Fritz
Pete's Kyle Halle-Erby
Being Jughead John Willard
Glace 1993 Donald Snyder
Butchering Day Susanne Sutton
Song Land Pat McDermott
Going Home Doug Hamby
What's Wrong With My Face? Joan Shin
The Family Gallery Joan Costello
Paseos Con El Viento Adriana Val
Journey to the Shriver Peace Worker Program Joby Taylor
That's Why We Travel Heather Linville
Why I Believe Kathy Raab
Unfinished Business Deb Arnold
The Last Dog Bob Sloane
My Dearest Alexandra Taryn Bayles
The Best Laid Plans Susan Mundy
Lost and Found  Shuhua Bloom
See-It-There Olga Kritskaya
Trashy Art Sandra Abbott
My Movie Theater Nicoleta Bazgan
13,500  Feet Bob Reeves
Hair Matters Kimberly Moffitt
Everyone Should Be So Lucky Jim Milani
Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from the Obama Inauguration Christine Mallinson
Those Shoes Constantine Vaporis
Diss-Eeese Barry Casey
The Letter Manil Suri
Birthing Courage Jill Wardell
My Knowledge Journey Gergana Kostova
The Mother Land Shawn Bediako
Unlike Any Other Place Ana Oskoz
Sundays in Mendoza Inez Quiroga
Away to Me Karin Readel
Learning & Adventure Terri Werner
Lessons Learned Yasuko Walcott
Ida Mitze Mabe
The MidSized Puppy Archana Bhandari
The Gift Barbara Bourne
In Honor of the Geranium Sue Small
Curio of Treasures Sine Hwang Jensen
The Secret Jill Randles
UMBC Patsy Kerstetter
Hidden Treasures Gergana Kostova
Mexico Meghan Park
Emma Denise Perdue
The Unforgettable Year Keegan Skipper
Through Natalie's Eyes Joyce Bedi
Knowing Shakespeare Robin Farabaugh
Vessels of Meaning Denise Meringolo
Getting Lost Kate Drabinski
Ode to Tracy Sandra Abbott
How it All Winds Up Lynn Tomlinson
Scientific Social Network Shu Qian