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First- Year seminar Much in common: intergeneraTIONAL TEAMS CREATE VIDEOS ABOUT IDENTITY AND WISDOM

This first-year seminar class explores common themes in both adolescence and  aging, stages in life that can transform a person’s sense of identity. In intergenerational teams, students explore changes in their identities by producing video stories together thatl focus on common threads, shared insights and lessons about growth. The narrative collaboratiol offers opportunities for empathy and broadening of perspective, and participants will gain wisdom about creating identity in times of change.

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The Stories 2014 - Arbutus Senior Center

WWII Air Corp Supply - Mr. Frank Tyler Griffith, Christina Tsai, Dharabaen Parsana, Amy Huber, Jabari Lyles
Sister Reginald's Great Escape Myrna Sotto
My Personal Experience - Susan Crooks Hamza Saeed, Asma Choudhary, Zain Syed, Judy Odili
Road to Success





The Stories 2013 - Arbutus Senior Center

Join the Navy and See the World Albert Sotto
Memory Kit Knoll
Leap of Faith Diane Meseke
Japanese Occupation Myrna Sotto
Freedom is Not Free Katherine Peterson
Jubal's Lyre Carolyn Schurmann



The Stories 2012 - Charlestown

The Story of Sy Bakker Sy Bakker, Kerri Howden, Anna Kubicek and Zachary Ashburn
Hooray for Wheels Marian Tongier, Victoria Yun and Amanda Tracy
How I Met My Spouse Joyce Bathgate and Jenny Zheng
Learn Love Live Elaine Singer, Nicole Balogun and MaryAnn Becker
My Life with Willy Wonka Charlotte Valentine, Amanda Bungato, Amreen Chadha and LuHua Hung
Bob the Sailor Bob Socher, Sunand Krishnan and Xiuwei Lin
Age is Only a Number Betty Brown, Glenn Young,Olivia Conn, Emma Hage Guyot and Nicole Lentz


The Stories 2011 - Charlestown


The Package of Seeds Marie Brinsfield and Desiree Sterling
Little Furry Hearts Dawn Strumsky, Alissa Adams and Peter Graham
When Duty Called John Strumsky and Michael Kantz
My Geography Lesson John Strumsky and Kevin Ke
Better to Have Tried While You're Still Alive Gene Langbehn and Nitzen Frock
How a Decision is Made Suzanne Levitt, Jamie Rusk and Allie O'Malley
A Unique Club Jeri Mullinex, Benjamin Everhart and Matthew Schneider
Based on a True Story Phil Mumford, Toby Clevinger and Jasmine Smith
Center of the World Marion Tongier, Holly Schneider and Jasmine Malhotra
Life is a Series of Transitions E.J. Urbas and Kevin Pugh
It Takes a Crisis Charlotte Valntine and Daniel Rodriguez
Comfort in Change Barbara Walker and Desiree Sterling
Freedom Rocks Peggy Wixted, Ryan DeVore and Nathaniel Grube
Hurricane Rescue Glenn Young, Jason Albersheim and Derick Fung

Stories from Students

Prior to working with Charlestown residents FYS students created stories of their own. Here are some examples.

Nitzan Frock Kevin Pugh
Daniel Rodriguez Toby Clevinger
Nathan Grube Holly Schneider
Ryan DeVore Matthew Schneider
Alex O'Malley Jasmine Malhotra
Jasmine Smith Desiree Sterling
Kevin Ke Peter Graham
Derek Fung Alissa Adams


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