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Exploring Youth activism through digital storytelling:
Seminar in American Political History

In spring 2011 graduate students examined the history of American Youth Activism from 1945-1975 while producing digital stories and documentaries. Young Americans were important participants in the social, economic, and political changes that took place across society during the most intense years of the Cold War. The class emphasized skills in writing, oral history, and traditional research as well as digital storytelling computer technologies. Student first produced digital stories exploring the roots of their own political awareness. HIST 495 - 710 was held in the spring of 2011. The course was taught by Dr. Kriste Lindenmeyer, Chair of the UMBC History Department and Dr. Bill Shewbridge, Director of the New Media Studio.



The Projects

Here you can view a few select final projects along with their final scripts and annotated bibliographies.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War and the Patriots for Peace Leroy Blades script
Another Side of the Sixties Kenneth Sabel script
"Jim Crow Must Go":Stories of Freedom Summer Volunteers Allison Seyler script
"Organize to Smash Discrimination!": the 1948 Druid Hill parkTennis Game Sara Paternaude-Schuster script
Before Stonewall Victoria Stott script
The Youth and RFK Tony Martinez script




The course had a unique first session. Dr. Lindenmeyer's lecturewas recorded by C-SPAN as part of it's"Lectures in Public History" program. You can view the program online here. The lecture covered the genesis of political activism among young people following World War II, a movement that continued through the Vietnam era. The class was recorded in the facilities of UMBC's New Media Studio.