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Explore past digital story projects from UMBC and view selected stories.


The Charlestown Project

Arbutus Library Project: "Arbutus Stories"

First-Year Seminar: Intergenerational Teams Create Videos About Identity and Wisdom

MCS 355 Students Explore Net Neutrality Using iPad Storytelling

Digital Stories from the Shriver Center's Peaceworker Program

Stories from the Shriver Center's Brazil Leadership Camp

Mill Stories: Sparrows Point Steelworkers and Community Speak

Stories from Linehan Art Scholars

Public History Stories from HIST 711

Stories from Spanish 101 - Winter 2013

Stories from the 2013 Faculty Digital Story Workshop

Digital Storytelling Winter Workshop 2012

Stories from French 440 - French Cinema

Stories from MCS 101L Multimedia Lab, Spring 2011

Exploring Youth Activism through Digital Storytelling: Seminar in American Political History

MLL 495/695 create Charlestown and Arbutus Stories

Stories from 2011 Faculty Workshop

Projects from MCS101L Multimedia Literacy Lab - Fall, 2010

ELC 054 Cross-Cultural Communication 2009

Digital Stories from HONORS 300-4/HIST355-2 "Constructing the Samurai"

Final Projects from MCS 101L Multimedia Literacy Lab

Stories from the 5th Annual UMBC Digital Storytelling Workshop

Digital Story Projects from ELCA 504 Cross-cultural Communication

Digital Stories from MLL 605 The Field of Intercultural Communication

Digital Stories from German 303: ‘German Immigration into the US’

AMST 325: Studies in Popular Culture Spring, 2009

Globalized Communication, Fall 2008

Digital Stories from SPAN 305 Fall 08: Spanish for Heritage Spanish Speakers II

Summer Digital Story Workshop for Faculty 2009

Stories from Intercultural Communications MLL 495/695

Somali Bantu Refugees Speak Through Digital Stories

Faculty "Train the Trainers" Workshop, Summer 2008

Digital Stories from Charlestown Round 3



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