Telling Intercultural Tales: Digital Storytelling for Building Community

This Humanities Teaching Lab presentation was recorded on September 25, 2020. View the recording here.

The Digital Storytelling project Intercultural Tales began in 2015 with a desire for connection. UMBC professors Dr. Tania Lizarazo and Dr. Thania Muñoz D. wanted to use storytelling in their community-engaged scholarship, but also sought to build personal relationships in their newfound city of Baltimore. Their collaborative project, funded by a Hrabowski Innovation Fund Grant, teaches UMBC students how to craft digital stories about their communities–stories of immigration, identity, and belonging.

In this virtual HT Lab, Drs. Lizarazo and Muñoz D. will teach participants how to use digital stories as part of a community-building exercise in the context of online learning.

Participants will explore three fundamental stages of digital storytelling:

The story circle–brainstorming story ideas

The storyboard–reflecting on the use of images to illustrate a story

The production–using Adobe Spark Video to create previews of a final story