Project Gallery

This gallery includes a collection of digital storytelling examples from UMBC’s community of practice.  Gathered over the past decade, here you will find community-engaged projects and classroom applications of DST.  Many projects have been facilitated by UMBC’s New Media Studio.


digital storytelling

First-Year Seminar

MUCH IN COMMON: INTERGENERATIONAL TEAMS CREATE VIDEOS ABOUT IDENTITY AND WISDOM This first-year seminar class explores common themes in both adolescence and  aging, stages in life that can transform a…

digital storytelling

Constructing the Samurai

DIGITAL STORIES FROM HONORS 300-4/HIST355-2 In “Constructing the Samurai” students used digital story techniques to explore aspects of samurai culture through visual assignments. The honors class was taught by Professor…

digital storytelling

ESL Stories

In summer and fall 2008, Polina Vinogradova incorporated digital stories into the curriculum of the English Language Institute. This approach was utilized in English Language Institute courses focusing on culture…