Digital Storytelling in Higher Education: International Perspectives

Editors: Jamissen, G., Hardy, P., Nordkvelle, Y., Pleasants, H. (Eds.)

Included in the book is chapter highlighting UMBC’s community of practice by Beverly Bickel, Bill Shewbridge, Romy Huber and Ana Oskoz: “Building collaboration and community engagement through Digital Storytelling.”

This book broadens the scope and impact of digital storytelling in higher education. It outlines how to teach, research and build communities in tertiary institutions through the particular form of audio-visual communication known as digital storytelling by developing relationships across professions, workplaces and civil society. The book is framed within the context of ‘The Four Scholarships’ developed by the Carnegie Foundation for the advancement and redefining of teaching, including the scholarships of discovery, integration, application, and teaching and learning. Across four sections, this volume considers the potential of digital storytelling to improve, enhance and expand teaching, learning, research, and interactions with society. Written by an international range of academics, researchers and practitioners, from disciplines spanning medicine, anthropology, education, social work, film and media studies, rhetoric and the humanities, the book demonstrates the variety of ways in which digital storytelling offers solutions to key challenges within higher education for students, academics and citizens. It will be compelling reading for students and researchers working in education and sociology.