A Walk Down West Baltimore Street

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Baltimore Traces Project Highlights SOWEBO Neighborhood A part of UMBC’s ongoing Baltimore Traces Project. A Walk Down West Baltimore Street features historical research and fieldwork on the 1000 to the 1500 blocks of West Baltimore Street. The final products include a public history zine and video stories. The semester’s work culminated   in a public screening … Read more

The Digital Decameron

Franz Xaver Winterhalter / Public domain digital storytelling

Global Digital Story Festival – Where I Find Strength “In 1348 a party of wealthy young patricians take refuge from the plague that is raging in the city in a villa outside Florence. To pass the time, they tell each other stories…” (Cover copy. The Decameron, by Giovanni Boccaccio, Penguin Classics, 1972) As a creative … Read more

Project PLASE – Our Stories

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“Project PLASE: Our Stories” is a compilation of the stories of PLASE clients and is a collaboration between Project PLASE and the University of Maryland Baltimore County, Media and Communication Studies Program and American Studies Department. The first series of films were screened at a community event at UMBC on May 3, 2019. Additional stories … Read more

Wall Stories

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During the fall semester of 2019, students in three UMBC classes (MCS 495, GERM 301 and GERM 319) collaborated in creating digital stories  commemorating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  The stories are based on interviews of members of the UMBC and broader Baltimore communities who shared personal recollections of the … Read more

UMBC Service Awards Profiles

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In what has become a UMBC tradition, the New Media Studio works with the office of Human Relations to create video profiles of service award recipients. More than 100 stories have been produced over the course of the project. In addition to honoring recipients for their years of service to the campus, the series presents … Read more

Intercultural Communication & Video Ethnography

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MCS MLL 406/606, 495/695 These courses introduce the history and practices of the field of intercultural communication, including its diverse theoretical and conceptual approaches; its analytical and methodological tools of evaluation and assessment; basic principles of training and professional and career development opportunities in the various areas of the discipline, particularly as it is practiced … Read more

The Charlestown Project

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The Charlestown Digital Story Project teams UMBC students with residents of Charlestown Retirement Community to create digital stories. Drawn from the life experiences of the residents, the stories combine narration, animation, photos and music in short movies to be shared with others. Residents work closely with student partners, acting as author and creative director of … Read more

Mill Stories

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SPARROWS POINT STEELWORKERS AND COMMUNITY SPEAK Mill Stories is a collaborative project bringing together UMBC students to help preserve stories from the Sparrows Point community. As the project develops, we hope that this website will present a form of database documentary, in which users can access interviews, videos photos and other cultural materials gathered from … Read more

Stories from The Linehan Art Scholars Program

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With the goal of building a greater sense of community in the Linehan Artist Scholars Program, students in the Linehan Freshman Seminar class participated in a Digital Story Workshop over a four week period. Their stories reflect the broad concerns of young talented artists as they begin their university careers in the arts. The stories … Read more

UMBC Faculty Workshops

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Beginning in 2007 the New Media Studio has offered faculty workshops in digital storytelling. Initially these were facilitated by the Center for Digital Storytelling (now storycenter.org .) In 2008 ten participants in a “Train the Trainers” experience received intensive training in the creative and technical aspects of teaching digital storytelling in a variety of contexts. Ten … Read more