A Place Called Poppleton

A Place Called Poppleton documents the history and culture of the Poppleton neighborhood of Southwest Baltimore. UMBC students will produce a StoryMap digital walking tour of the neighborhood with a focus on the area’s African American history and places lost or endangered due to redevelopment. We seek to document and share engaging stories of the past and present through archival research and listening to those who live, work, and are connected to Poppleton.

Curtis Eaddy II, Curtis Eaddy I and Sonia Eaddy at their Carrollton Avenue home.

The project is a collaboration between Nicole King’s Preserving Places, Making Spaces in Baltimore course and Bill Shewbridge’s MCS Media Production fellows. King’s American Studies students have been researching the history of Poppleton and Shewbridge’s students producing short films from interviews and in the field on the history of Poppleton and how local stakeholder feel about the neighborhood’s changes related to redevelopment.



download the pdf version of the zine “A Place Called Poppleton.”
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Voices of Poppleton

Munira Swan
Curtis Eaddy
Parcha McFadden
Sonia & Curtis Eaddy I
Levar Mullen

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AMST 422 Students:

Kwame Amoh, Forrest Caskey, Mitch Casper, Emily Chetelat, Bob Cross, Brandon Delivuk, Lauren Garry-Schoonover, Claire Gautrois, Phillip-Mathew Golden, Kayla Miller, Cameron Rybacki, and Alex Tomlinson

MCS Production Fellows:

Deysi Chitic-Amaya, Leah Iannuzzi, Ashlee Kreiger, Sam Murrill, Justin Okpara, Eva Tsitohay

Zine Design: Markele Cullins
Artists featured in the Zine: Shae McCoyWendell Supreme