Shriver Peaceworker Program

Every year students in the Shriver Center’s Peaceworker Program’s Summer Pro Seminar create digital stories reflecting on their service and experiences abroad. Since 2009 over 70 stories have been produced. Program director Joby Taylor talks about how he uses digital storytelling with returning Peace Corp volunteers as a reflective tool as well as a foundation for community work:

“We’re doing it to learn and share with each other ourselves, but there’s also this takeaway which I think is a great aspect of the digital storytelling project, especially as the technology piece gets more and more intuitive and easy to work with, is that they all know that this is something that they can apply in their community-based work. We really encourage them to think about whether there’s a use for this kind of workshop or this kind of tool if they’re working with a youth center, for example, or whatever it might be, so thinking about taking that with them as an additional skill set that they have that can be really useful for education work or community-building work that they’re doing.